What Are The Main Causes Of Roof Damage?

There are many causes of roof damage let us look at them.

Poor maintenance

It is essential to inspect your roof regularly to spot small problems and repair them immediately to avoid them from becoming bigger. Regular maintenance and repair are especially necessary if your roof is not a sloping one.

Wind damage

Strong winds can loosen nails in the roofing materials over a period. If your roof is in this condition, even a moderate wind can damage your roof. Strong winds or flying debris are also leading causes of roof damage, which can often remove some or all of the roofing material. To avoid this, you need to check the roof regularly and ensure that the insulation is securely attached to the roof deck. It is also a good idea to have a secure perimeter fastener.

Other weather damage such as from hail

Most roofing materials can get damaged over time due to different weather conditions. If there is a lot of snow accumulation in your area, then the roof should be built in such a way that it can carry the burden of the snow. It is also better to have a sloping roof in such areas so that the snow does not stay for long on the roof. If your area is prone to hailstorms, then hail can cause serious damage to the roof, and you should conduct a thorough inspection of the roof after every hailstorm. Strong sun, air pollutants, and heavy rain can also damage the roof. Regular inspection and timely repair are the only ways in which you can prevent major damage from occurring.